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DXA Invest is the first private equity manager of fintech in Brazil.

DXA is a Private Equity manager that was born in 2012, with the goal of investing in innovative companies in Brazil's real economy.

Since then, DXA has developed into a reference for global investors when looking at investments in the region.

Comprised of a diverse and inclusive team, DXA believes its mission is to enable lives to be changed through access to capital and better investment opportunities in the private market.

Execution in
day by day.

Our execution team assists the entrepreneur in the daily business challenges. We have over 35 years of experience in business management and we adapt the methodology based on the context of each case. Additionally, DXA participates in the board of directors and financial council of all the companies it invests in.

All companies go through a filter of qualitative and quantitative analysis. We believe that the ability to select good companies is one of the critical success factors for any private equity investor. Our process includes combining return objectives with sustainability and governance (ESG) objectives.

Selection &
Overall Value

The process of increasing a company's value involves growing sales, increasing profitability, and launching new products and regions. DXA has a global DNA through its partners' track record. DXA's investee companies receive assistance in creating global expansion plans.

Our Team

Selfie-style photo of Oscar Decotelli
Oscar Decotelli
Managing Partner and CEO
Selfie-style photo by Flávio Ramos.
Flávio Ramos
Managing Partner and CIO
Selfie-style photo by Daniela Pfeiffer.
Daniela Pfeiffer
Managing Partner and CCO
Ricardo Salgado
Selfie-style photo by Tatiana Nascimento
Tatiana Nascimento

Our Home

Rio de Janeiro
190 Saturnino de Brito Street
New York
125 Park Ave, 25th Floor
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