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DXA Invest is the best solution for you to start your journey into off-exchange opportunities. Create your managed portfolio and start investing.

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The market that has outperformed the stock market for +20 years

Private equity investments yielded 3x as much as the US stock market.

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An investment strategy of your own

Receive exclusive allocation suggestions based on your profile. The investment strategy of each investor is customized by our management team.

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Diversification like you've never seen

Get access to investment opportunities that were once limited to institutional investors and the super-rich.

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Natural Resources

Forests, agricultural land and energy production


Technology companies in various sectors

Consumer goods

Disruption in sectors such as pet, clothing, beauty

Secondary Market

Purchase of positions in pre-IPO companies and funds


Disruptive Services in Healthcare


Innovative companies in an early stage of maturity


Plant-based and health-oriented products

Specialists for over 20 years

Our team of experts has more than 20 years of experience investing and managing investments in the private market.

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